3/3 Treasuries Alerts

Bitcoin Treasuries updates are brought to you by Bitbo.io.

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Here are the latest treasuries updates:

GBTC - Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

  • Balance Before Change: 438,209 BTC

  • Balance After Change: 428,543.8 BTC

BITB - Bitwise Bitcoin ETF

  • Balance Before Change: 24,633 BTC

  • Balance After Change: 25,309 BTC

EZBC Franklin BItcoin ETF

  • Balance Before Change: 2,494 BTC

  • Balance After Change: 2,581 BTC

HODL - Vaneck Bitcoin Trust

  • Balance Before Change: 2,242.5 BTC

  • Balance After Change: 4,355.6 BTC

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